Captain Javier Nunez De Aparicio, Spanish Navy

Commander of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One (SNMCMG2)

Captain Javier Nunez de Prado was born in Madrid, in April 1969. He joined the Spanish Naval Academy in 1988.

After being graduated in 1993 as sub-lieutenant, he served operationally in the following appointments:

• Frigate "Baleares" (Weapons Officer) (1993-1995)

• Minesweeper "Sil" (Opso, X.O.) (1995-1997)

• Corvette "Descubierta" (Navigation/Electronic Warfare Officer

• Frigate "Numancia" (ASW Officer) (2000-2002)

• Minehunter "Sella" (X.O.) (2002-2003)

During these appointments, he was integrated in SNMG2 and SNMCMG2, and he participated in the operations "Sharp Guard", "Sharp Fence" and "Enduring Freedom". He has commanded the following ships:

• Minesweeper "Odiel" (2003-2005).

• Patrol Boat "Arnomendi" (2010-2011 ).

Ashore, he has been commissioned to the following posts:

• OVAD (Spanish MCMV Operational Sea Training) (Coordinator/Opso) (2005-2008).

• Spanish Navy Staff, Logistic Division (2011-2013).

• MoD, Undersecretary of Defence, Naval advisor (2013-2017).

• Chief of Staff Spanish MCM Force (2017-2020).

On the other hand, he has participated in the operational planning and execution of several (five) exercises on board SP (M) HRF HQ (2003-2007) to achieve and maintain Full Operational Capability (FOC), as head of NMW Cell.

Captain Nunez de Prado is a specialist in ASW and MW. He gained Tactical Action Officer and Mine Warfare aptitudes. He also attended the Spanish Joint Staff Course, Mine Staff Officer Course at EGUERMIN (Ostend, 2005-2006) and 127 Senior Course at NADEFCOL (Rome, 2015-2016). He is married and has one son.

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