NATO Shipping Center has agreed to support Teesside University in piracy studies. The support will first and foremost include the design of the study and later we will probably be able to assist in establishing relevant contacts between the research environment and the operational environment, which has previously dealt with the fight against piracy.


Currently NATO is not directly involved in Counter Piracy operations but a number of NATO member nations are and furthermore there are a lot of experience from previous operations that can be retrieved and contribute to a better understanding of this phenomenon.

Piracy is still a major problem for civilian shipping in several parts of the world and therefore research in the field is important and of general interest.

Piracy is basically an illegal use of force and often violent but the mechanisms behind piracy are often different depending on the area and can vary in complexity. Likewise, the pirates, their weapons, equipment and their methods differ from area to area. Research in this area is therefore essential and can hopefully in the long run help to minimize the problem.

Dr. Justin Kotzé, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, who is Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Teesside University and manager of the research project, explains: We are very pleased to have the support from the NATO Shipping Centre in our research. Their knowledge and further access to experts and experience in this field adds another dimension to our project.

For the time being, as NATO Shipping Center is one of the major advisors among the shipping industry, NATO Shipping Centre supports the project in 2021 and will later decide whether the support will continue next year.

Story by NSC at MARCOM

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