Jun 30 2020

The latest successful Operation Sea Guardian Focused Operation  FOCOPS 20-3 covered the Central Mediterranean with surface combatants, submarine and air assets in direct as well as associated support during period 31 May-16 June 2020.

The Focused Patrol was provided by the  French Frigate FS Courbet as Flagship to NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian (OSG) supported by the Italian Frigate ITS Carabiniere, These units were directly supported by an Italian submarine  ITS Gazzana under NATO command. Additionally, the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) and surface units from France and Turkey, were supporting to this Focused Patrol. Maritime Patrol Aircrafts (MPA) and Airborne Early Warning units from several NATO countries including Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Turkey and United Kingdom contribute with specific air support

Operation Sea Guardian is a non-Article 5 Maritime Security Operation, working with Mediterranean stakeholders to deter and counter terrorism, project stability and mitigate the risk of other threats to security for NATO Allies and partners in the Mediterranean Sea and its surrounding area. OSG has three core missions: maritime situational awareness, counter-terrorism and capacity building.

As depicted on the left, direct support was provided by EUROMARFOR`  s task group, which directly ensured the security of this strategic area of Europe` s southern flank, by providing maritime situational awareness by sharing an accurate picture of daily activities in the Central Mediterranean.

The European Maritime Force (EUROMARFOR) is a non-standing, multinational military force created by France, Italy, Spain and Portugal and can be employed within the framework of other international organizations such as the UN, NATO, OSCE or other multinational coalitions as long as the four partner nations agree. This time they were employed by NATO.

 During this period surface units hailed more than 200 merchant vessels operating in the Mediterranean (in particular heading toward Libyan coast). When it comes to the submarine, more than 270 motor vessels were identified.

Story by NSC at MARCOM

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