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New Industry Guidance

In anticipation of the recently released BMP5 and Global Counter-Piracy Guidance (GCPG) NATO/MARCOM support the promulgation and use of these documents. They both indeed support the overall aim for all stakeholders; to improve maritime security. However having operationally withdrawn from Counter-Piracy in the Western Indian Ocean since late 2016 NATO/MARCOM has to limited extent been involved in the continued development of the two new documents. MARCOM is therefore not in a position to officially endorse them, but do support the use of them and have received the publisher’s approval to make them available/downloadable here.
NATO/MARCOM also welcomes the launch of the shipping industry associations new reporting website intended to serve as a one-stop shop for companies and mariners seeking guidance on a wide range of Maritime Security Issues. MARCOM will endeavour contributing to the site’s content as required.

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