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Operation Sea Guardian

As announced by NATO's Secretary-General following July's Warsaw Summit, in response to the evolving security environment in the Mediterranean Sea, NATO's counter-terrorism Operation Active Endeavour has been transformed into a more comprehensive maritime security mission, Operation Sea Guardian. This non-Article 5 operation addresses a broader spectrum of maritime security threats using maritime situational awareness, support of regional maritime capacity-building efforts and counter-terrorism as its foundation.

All maritime stakeholders are encouraged to partner in information sharing for this operation. Merchant vessels can support Operation Sea Guardian by reporting any suspicious or threatening activity observed to the NATO Shipping Centre at or +44 192 395 6574. Additionally the Mediterranean Voluntary Reporting Scheme currently in place will remain active under Operation Sea Guardian. Vessels can continue to report their passage in and through Mediterranean Sea and receive any specific updates on maritime security threats using this web-based form.

Additional detail on this operation and related interaction with the merchant shipping community can be viewed here. Please contact the NATO Shipping Centre with any questions on this operation and how to support it.

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