Focused Operations - Force Composition - Apr 26 to May 15, 2018

Between April, 26 and May 15, NATO Task Group with ships provided by Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey, will conduct focused security patrols in international waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. This Group will be supported by submarines from Canada and Greece. This mission will support to collect information on pattern of life about the shipping routes in international waters in this area.
Commander Task Group 440.03

 Captain Sim SCHOT (Royal Netherlands Navy) - Biography

HNLMS Karel Doorman

Flagship - HNLMS KAREL DOORMAN (Royal Netherlands Navy) - Factsheet
Commanding Officer - Captain Sim Schot

ITS ESPERO (Italian Navy) - Factsheet
Commanding Officer - Commander Giorgio OCCHETTO
TCG GOKCEADA (Turkish Navy) - Factsheet
Commanding Officer - Commander Engin AGMIS

FGS HESSEN (German Navy) - Factsheet
Commanding Officer - Commander Olliver PFENNING



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