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Focused Operations - Force Composition

Operation Sea Guardian (OSG) is a standing Maritime Security Operation aiming at deter on counter terrorism and mitigate the risk of other threats to maritime security in the Mediterranean. These efforts are operationalized in coordination with NATO Partners and other maritime security stakeholders. Focused Patrols embrace these efforts for specific periods throughout the year.  

Focused Operations (FOCOPS) utilise various types of assets deployed under NATO Operational Control (OPCON), to gather, develop and maintain an accurate picture of daily activity in different parts of the Mediterranean Sea. 

These assets are tasked to contribute to:

• Maritime Situational Awareness on a broad spectrum of threats.

• Regional Maritime Security Capacity Building of the Selected Regional Partners.

• Deterrence on Terrorist and other transnational threatening illegal activities in different parts of the Area of Operations (Mediterranean Sea).

The third Focused Patrol of the year will be in international waters of the Central Mediterranean Sea with Croatian Flagship HRV Dubrovnik.


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