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Participating Forces

September - November 2016 TCG BUYUKADA (Turkey)
September - October 2016 DNK MPA (Denmark)
September - December2015 HDMS ABSALON (Denmark)
September - October 2015 ARC 7 de AGOSTO (Colombia)
July 2015 TCG GEDIZ (Turkey)
April 2015 TCG GEDIZ (Turkey)
March - April 2015 TCG BUYUKADA (Turkey)
March - April 2015 HMAS SUCCESS (Australia)
February - April 2015 TCG BUYUKADA (Turkey)
June - December 2014  SNMG1 - Commodore Aage Buur Jensen (Royal Danish Navy)
  HDMS ESBERNE SNARE (Flagship-Denmark)
December 2013 - June 2014 SNMG2 - Rear Admiral Eugenio Diaz Del Rio (Spanish Navy)
  ESPS ALVARO DE BAZAN (Flagship-Spain)
HNLMS EVERTSEN (The Netherlands)
HMNZS TE MANA (New Zealand - second time a NATO partner at part of CTF-508)
June - December 2013 SNMG1 - Commodore Henning Amundsen (Royal Norwegian Navy)
  HNoMS FRIDTJOF NANSEN (Flagship-Norway)
HNLMS VAN SPEIJK (Netherlands)
USS TAYLOR (United States)
USS DE WERT (United States)
UPS HETMAN SAGAIDACHNY (Ukrainian - the first ever non-NATO CTF-508 warship)
December 2012 - June2013 SNMG2 - Rear Admiral Antonio Natale (Italian Navy)
  ITS San Marco (Flagship - Italy)
TCG GOKOVA  (Turkey)
USS HALYBURTON (United States)
USS NICHOLAS (United States)
HNLMS VAN SPEIJK (The Netherlands)
June - December 2012 SNMG1 - Commodore Ben Bekkering (Royal Netherlands Navy)
  HLNMS Evertsen (Flagship – the Netherlands)
USS Taylor (United States)
January - June 2012 SNMG2 - Rear Admiral Sinan Azmi Tosun (Turkish Navy)
  TCG GIRESUN (Flagship – Turkey)
HDMS Absalon (Denmark)
ITS Grecale (Italy)
RFA Fort Victoria (United Kingdom)
USS Dewert (United States)
USS Carney (United States)
June - December 2011 SNMG1 - Rear Admiral Gualtiero Mattesi (Italian Navy)
  ITS Andrea Doria (Flagship – Italy)
USS Carney (United States)
USS De Wert (United States)
NRP D. Francisco De Almeida (Portugal)
December 2010 - June 2011 SNMG2 - Commodore Michiel Hijmans (Royal Netherlands Navy)
  HMNLS De Ruyter (Flagship - Netherlands)
HDMS Esbern Snare (Denmark)
TCG Gaziantep (Turkey)
USS Laboon (United States)
August – December 2010 SNMG1 - Commodore Christian Rune (Denmark)
  HDMS Esbern Snare (Flagship, Denmark)
HMS Montrose and FTVR (United kingdom)
USS Kauffman and Laboon (United States)
ITS Bersagliere (Italy)
Zeeleeuw (NL submarine)
March - June 2010 SNMG2 - Commodore Steve Chick (UK)
  HMS Chatham (Flagship, United Kingdom)
HS LIMNOS (Greece) - under national control from 30 May
ITS SCIROCCO (Italiay) - under national control from 5 June
TCG Gelibolu (Turkey)
USS Cole (United States)
July - August 2010 SNMG2 - Commodore Michiel Hijmans (Royal Netherlands Navy) 
  HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën (Flagship, The Netherlands)
TCG Gelibolu (Turkey)
USS Cole (United States)
November 2009 - March 2010 SNMG1 - Commodore Christian Rune (DNK)
  HDMS Absalon (incoming flagship, Denmark)
SNMG1 Rear Admiral Jose Pereira de Cunha (PRT) (from 25 January 2010)
NRP Álvares Cabral (outgoing flagship, Portugal)
HMS Fredericton (Canada)
USS Boone (United States)
HMS Chatham (United Kingdom)
August – November 2009 SNMG2 - Commodore Steve Chick (UK)
  HS Navarinon (Greece)
ITS Libeccio (Italy)
TCG Gediz (Turkey)
HMS Cornwall (United Kingdom)
USS Donald Cook (United States)

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