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Commander SNMCMG2

Born in 1971, Captain Alessandro Falcone joined the Italian Naval Academy in 1989. After the completion of his junior officer education, Alessandro took initial training in Anti-Air Warfare and Anti-Surface Warfare (AAW-ASuW) while embarked.

Alessandro specialized in Mine Warfare in 1996 followed by duty as a Mine Hunter Officer and Executive Officer on board of Coastal Mine Hunters, undertaking several national, NATO and WEU operations and exercises across the Mediterranean Sea. In 2000, Alessandro took the Advanced Mine Warfare and Staff Officer Courses at the Belgian/Netherland Mine Warfare School - EGUERMIN (Oostende – Belgium).

Alessandro was appointed as the Executive Officer on board of MHC Chioggia, obtaining outstanding results in the MOST (Mine countermeasures vessels operational sea training) in Belgium. Two years later he took the command on ITS Termoli, deployed twice at the NATO MCMFORSOUTH.
Appointed as Director of the Italian Mine Warfare Data Centre in 2003, Alessandro contributed to establish the conditions to define the Memorandum of Understanding with NATO, to exchange Mine Warfare data within SNMCM groups. From 2006, Alessandro become responsible for the Mine Countermeasures specialization course, Mine Warfare at the Italian Naval Academy.

Three years later with the rank of Commander, Alessandro was nominated Executive Officer of the new Horizont class DDG Doria for a period of two years, undertaking Anti-Piracy and Peace Keeping operations. Following this duty, Alessandro took the Command of the 53 Mine Hunter squadron, composed by 6 Coastal Mine Hunters.

Appointed to the Italian Navy General Staff in 2012, Alessandro served as the Mine Warfare specialist and as the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle expert. During this period, Alessandro dealt with Mine Warfare operational and technical issues and projects of a new class Minehunter. In 2016, he assumed the duties of Head Research and Development Department at the Mine Warfare Forces Command.

Alessandro was promoted to Captain on July 2017 and continued to serve at the Mine Warfare Forces, including plan and execution of Mine Countermeasures exercises and evaluation trials. 

His awards include the Order of Merit of Italian Republic, the Italian Navy Silver Cross, the NATO service medal for KOSOVO, ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR, OCEAN SHIELD and the WEU Service medal for EX-JUGOSLAVIA Operation.

Alessandro lives in Italy, on the north-western coast, enjoying the beauties of his town Lerici and the time with his beloved family. Married to Cristina, they have two joyful sons and a lovely daughter.



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