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Commander Peter Ramboer was born on 13 March 1969 in Ostend, Belgium.

Commander Ramboer joined the Belgian Navy in August 1987, and was commissioned as a Sub-Lieutenant in September 1989, and graduated from the Belgian Nautical College in 1990.

His initial at-sea assignments included service in the mine-hunter BREVDEL as a Navigation Officer, and Bridge-Watch-keeping duties in the frigate WIELINGEN.  Selected for the ‘Personnel Exchange Programme’ with the UK Royal Navy, he undertook the roles of Public Relations Officer in HMS AVENGER, and Assistant Navigator in HMS BATTLEAXE in 1994-95.

Following Mine Warfare Staff Officers Course in 1999, he served as the Executive Officer in the mine hunter PRIMULA from 1999-2001. On completion of Commanders course in Brussels in 2002, he was subsequently promoted to LCDR and took command of the oceanographic research vessel, BELGICA from 2003-2005.

Promoted to Commander in 2007 he completed the Higher Staff Course in Brussels in 2010, and was subsequently appointed as the Commanding Officer of the Belgian Nautical School in Brugge in 20011.

He was the Staff Officer to the Naval Component Commander, Human Resources Policy in Brussels for 2013-2017. 

Commander Ramboer is married with 4 children and enjoys sport, particularly cycling, soccer, tennis and swimming. His hobbies include gardening, cooking and reading. 



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