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 Ole Torstein Sjo Commander (OF4)

Norwegian Navy

Commander Sjo was born in the rural town of Bryne in 1981. Straight after finishing high school he joined the Armed Forces in 2001. He underwent the National Guards non-commissioned officer school before being assigned a position in the Norwegian Army, 2 Battalion as an Infantry squad leader. Finished his army service as a Stormtrooper sq. leader in the Armoured Battalion.

After completing 2 years of service in the high north he switched to serving 2 years as a Movement Control officer at Gardermoen AFB with a special field of expertise being heavy airlift operations.

Commander Sjo was accepted into the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy in 2005 and graduated with a degree in Military and Nautical science. He joined the Mine Warfare services upon graduation and subsequently climbed the ranks within the MCM community.

He is a trained diver and divemaster. Sjo completed the PWO MW and maritime staff officer course in 2013 before returning as an XO onboard the minesweeper Otra to conduct his first full deployment in SNMCMG1.

Commander Sjo passed the Norwegian commanding officer course and took command over HNoMS Rauma in August 2015. Through the course of his command, Rauma undertook MOST sea training and deployed in SNMCMG1 both in 2017 and 2019. Commander Sjo hauled his command after 5 years as CO and 13 years at sea.

He joined the newly established tactical command of CTF 430 as a battle watch captain. In 2021 he was appointed as MOC DIRECTOR responsible for monitoring all current operations within the Norwegian Fleet and CTF 430 AOR.

Commander Sjo lives with his wife Susann and their three children on the island of Askøy. As a long-retired competitive swimmer, he aspires to coach young swimmers and refurbishing their house in his spare time.

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