Rear Admiral Manuel Aguirre Aldereguía

Rear Admiral Manuel Aguirre Aldereguía was born in Marín Pontevedra in April, 1964. In 1983, he joined the Spanish Naval Academy.
After graduating in 1988 as a sub-lieutenant, he served in the following appointments:

• Corvette Cazadora (Operations Officer; 1988-1990);

• Frigate Numancia (Operations Officer, Electronic Warfare Officer, Combat System and Operations Head; 1992-1999).

During those appointments, he was integrated in Standing NATO Maritime Group Two, and participated in the operation Sharp Guard.

He has commanded the following ships:

• Patrol boats Dragonera (1990-1991) and Grosa (2000);

• Minehunter Tajo (2004-2006) and AEGIS frigate F-105 Cristobal Colón (2011-2014), both during their building process and as their first Commanding Officer;

• Amphibious assault ship Galicia (2017-2018).

During these periods, he was integrated in Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group Two (SNMCMG2) and participated in operations Ocean Shield, Active Endeavour, Sea Guardian and Atalanta.

Ashore, he has been commissioned to the following posts:

• Canary Island Headquarters: Head of Security, Intelligence and Organization branches (2000);

• Naval Education Department: Quality Control and Coordination branch officer (2001-2004);

• Spanish Minister of Defence Cabinet: Technical Advisor (2007-2011);

• Spanish Navy Staff, Plans and Policy Division: Head of Strategic Plans branch, Head of Navy Future Capabilities branch, and Organic Plans branch officer.

Rear Admiral Aguirre is a specialist in Electronics, having gained Tactical Action Officer and Mine Warfare aptitudes. He also attended the Spanish Joint Staff course, High Logistic Management course, and Naval Command course in the US Naval War College.

He is a bachelor, and when he is not working, he enjoys listening to music and reading.

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