Commodore Yngve Skoglund

Commodore Yngve Skoglund joined the Norwegian Navy in 1984 and graduated from the Norwegian Naval Academy in July 1988. He then joined the submarine service, and had various sea-duties as Navigation Officer, Operation officer and Executive officer at Kobben and Ula-class. After Submarine Command Course in 1994 he commanded HNoMS Kunna, and from August 1995 HNoMS Utvaer and HNoMS Uredd (Ula).

After first level Staff College, Commodore Skoglund took position as Chief Submarine Department at National Joint Forces HQ, Bod0 in 1999. He returned to Haakonsvern Naval Base in 2002 as Commander Submarine Squadron/Executive Officer of the Submarine Flotilla.

Skoglund graduated from National Staff College in June 2004, and took position as Chief Maritime Operations Officer, NATO Striking Fleet Atlantic / US Second Fleet in Norfolk, Virginia. He transferred to NATO Supreme Allied Transformation in 2005 and became Senior Staff Officer Operational Experimentation.

Commodore Skoglund returned to Norway in August 2008 and took position as Senior Staff Officer in Security Policy Branch at Norwegian Ministry of Defense (MoD). He became Military Assistant to Chief of Defense Norway in October 2009.

From August 2012 to July 2016 Commodore Skoglund was Norway's National Liaison Representative and Senior National Representative at NATO HQ SACT. In 2015 he was elected Dean to the National Liaisons and Partner Liaisons at HQ SACT.

Commodore Skoglund achieved a Master of Science at The Eisenhower School of for National Security and Resource Strategy National Defence University in June 2017. He then returned to Norway and became Commander Norwegian Navy Training Establishment/N7. In September 2017 he was promoted Commodore and appointed Chief Operations, Royal Norwegian Navy.

Skoglund attended The Danish Chief of Defence Security Policy Course (SIKU) in August -September 2018, and Combined Force Maritime Component Commander (CFMCC) Flag Cource in Naples, Italy, December 2018.

Commodore Skoglund resides in Bergen. He enjoys hiking, walking his dog, and on more rare occasions football and golf. He is married to Vibeke and has one daughter, Oda (22).

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