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May 5 2023

Standing NATO Maritime Group One completes participation in Exercise Dynamic Mongoose 

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – A port visit in Reykjavik marks the end of annual NATO exercise Dynamic Mongoose 23.

Taking place after two challenging intense weeks, the exercise comprised approximately 1800 sailors across 12 ships and covered an area of 200,000 square miles, spanning in strategic location from Iceland to Norway.

This year, Iceland was the host nation of this exercise. Maritime patrol aircrafts, surface ships and submarines exercised together using full spectrum anti-submarine warfare procedures. 

Commander of Standing Maritime Task Group One German Navy Rear Admiral Thorsten Marx led the air, surface and submarine units from 12 nations. This years participation was significantly higher than years prior.

Together, we showed that NATO is ready and standing as one  

“We conducted an intense advanced anti-submarine training program. I can say with confidence that the exercise was successful. My task group improved their skills in anti-submarine warfare operations while enhancing interoperability and readiness,” he said.

NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 1 is one of four very high readiness groups that form the core of NATO’s maritime capability in carrying out a broad range of tasks throughout the area of responsibility across the maritime domain of Northern Europe. German frigate FGS Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is currently the flagship for the task group.

 Standing NATO Maritime Group ONE completes participation in Exercise DYNAMIC MONGOOSE

Through this exercise, the group demonstrated the inherent agility of maritime assets by constantly maintaining a balanced, proportionate, and credible defence posture.

The exercise served as an excellent opportunity to highlight the warfighting role of NATO’s maritime assets, contributing to the deterrence of potential adversaries, and proving the ability to defend and reassure Allies.

“Together, we showed that NATO is ready and standing as one,” Marx emphasised in conclusion.

Story by SNMG1 and Public Affairs Office at MARCOM

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