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Feb 14 2022

NATO'S OPERATION SEA GUARDIAN focused patrols conclude in Eastern Mediterranean

Mediterranean Sea – The year's first focused patrol for NATO's Operations Sea Guardian concluded on Feb. 12.

Flagship Turkish frigate TCG Barbaros, led the focused patrol between Jan. 25 and Feb.12. Submarines from Greece and Turkey supported the flagship as well as several air assets from Greece, Poland, Turkey and the United States during their deployment to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. 

Focused operations of NATO's Operation Sea Guardian help NATO maintain an accurate maritime picture of daily activity in the Mediterranean Sea and is an opportunity to increase cooperation and interoperability between Allied navies.

These security patrols also provide situational awareness at sea, enabling operators to better understand the maritime environment and to establish daily patterns of life near shipping routes. Support and cooperation provided by the submarines and maritime patrol aircraft are key enablers to efficiently maintain a multi-domain view of the current maritime activities in these patrolled areas. 

Operation Sea Guardian is a collaborative, year-round maritime security operation designed to maintain maritime situational awareness, deter and counter terrorism activity, and build capacity and interoperability among Allies and partners.

Story by Public Affairs Office at MARCOM

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