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Mar 8 2021

SNMCMG2 participates in exercise Poseidon in the Black Sea

BLACK SEA - Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group Two (SNMCMG2), consisting of the Turkish Navy flagship Sokullu Mehmet Pasa, ROS Lupu Dinescu (Romania), ESPS Tajo (Spain) and TCG Ayvalık (Turkey), participated in the Romania-led exercise Poseidon 2021, the first joint multinational exercise of the year to take place in the Black Sea.

Poseidon’s opening ceremony was held on 27 February at the port of Constanta under strict COVID-19 precautionary measures and the sea phase continues between 1-5 March 2021.

Poseidon-2021 gives us the opportunity to exercise with our Allies, maintain our maritime warfare skills, improve our interoperability and show our unity 

On 3 March, the scenario included a multi-domain training opportunity, testing air and maritime asset coordination. French Rafale fighters from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle sailing in the Mediterranean Sea joined up with their Eurofighter escorts from the Spanish enhanced Air Policing detachment based in Romania. The strike package headed to the Black Sea aimed at testing NATO maritime and air forces taking part in exercise Poseidon 21. Romanian F-16 fighters formed a combat air patrol to intercept the incoming raid and protect the maritime forces exercising off the coast of Romania. NATO’s southern Combined Air Operations Centre at Torrejón, Spain, coordinated the complex mission gaining valuable experience from operating with a potent mix of Allied capabilities, contributing to enhanced Allied interoperability and improved readiness.

“As SNMCMG2, we are very delighted to be here in Romania and participate in Poseidon-2021 which gives us the opportunity to exercise with our Allies, maintain our maritime warfare skills, improve our interoperability and show our unity” said Captain Yusuf Karagulle, Commander of SNMCMG2 at the exercise opening ceremony.

Exercise Poseidon, conducted with the participation of assets from six NATO Allies, provided the opportunity to enhance the open cooperation of navies for ensuring safe navigation routes with a focus on discovery and neutralization of underwater hazards such as sea mines.

With three Allied nations, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, and two regional partners, Ukraine and Georgia bordering the Black Sea, Standing Naval Group presence in the region is a regular occurrence. While in the Black Sea, the group will also conduct maritime security patrols in international waters to enhance NATO maritime situational awareness between Allies and regional partners.

NATO Standing Groups regularly participate in exercises in the Black Sea with Allied nations bordering the Black Sea to improve interoperability, practice NATO standard procedures, tactics and techniques.

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