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Jul 21 2021

NATO Submarine Command Changes Command

NORTHWOOD, United Kingdom – Command of Submarines NATO (COMSUBNATO) was formally transferred from Rear Admiral Andrew Burcher of the US Navy to Rear Admiral Stephen Mack in a ceremony held at Allied Maritime Command Headquarters in North London July 16, 2021.

Submarines NATO is the operational commander for Allied submarines assigned to NATO. In addition to daily operational requirements, COMSUBNATO also plans and conducts submarine focused exercises including Dynamic Mongoose and Dynamic Manta to increase interoperability among Allied submarine forces and hone joint warfighting skills to increase NATO's speed and ability to respond to Alliance needs.

Departing Commander, Rear Admiral Burcher assumed command in July 2019.

COMSUBNATO operates within Allied Maritime Command based in Northwood, United Kingdom and serves alongside peer commands NATO Maritime Air and NATO Surface Forces to form the operational backbone of NATO Maritime activities.


Story by Public Affairs Office at MARCOM

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