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Dec 8 2020


NORTHWOOD, United Kingdom – Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) has been a part of a larger Allied military presence off the coast of the UK and the North Sea supporting maritime situational awareness and monitoring several Russian Navy ships operating in the area. 

SNMG1 currently consists of the flagship NRP Corte-Real and HMCS Toronto. The response has been coordinated among the Allied navies and their Maritime Operations Centres leading to a complete understanding of the situation.

“SNMG1 proved again its flexibility and interoperability coordinating its efforts with other Allied navies. Our activities were proportionate, non-escalatory and in line with the international law of sea. They were a complete success”, said Commodore Jose Antonio Mirones, commander of SNMG1.

There has been substantial non-allied military activity in the area lately. Securing the maritime global commons and the freedom of navigation at sea is an important task for all NATO maritime forces. The Standing NATO Maritime Groups are a ready force, able to conduct naval operations wherever needed and with immediate response. In this case, our forces have been in the right place again.
Russian frigate Stregushiy, North Sea, November 20th 2020.

Story by Public Affairs Office at MARCOM

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