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NATO Maritime Command Leaning Forward on Cyber Security

NORTHWOOD, United Kingdom - Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) hosted its 2nd Maritime Cyberspace Security Conference (MCSC19) in Northwood, UK, June 4 and 5, 2019, bringing together cyber experts from more than 17 Allied navies.

Chaired by Navy Captain Christophe Eugene, Assistant Chief of Staff for MARCOM’s Cyberspace Division, the annual conference is unique, bringing together Maritime Cyberspace Security (CS) representatives of NATO Nations, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe,  NATO Cyber Operations Centre and Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO to share and discuss cyberspace security challenges in the maritime domain.

"The MARCOM Maritime Cyberspace Security Conference is a unique forum and opportunity for bringing together Maritime Cyberspace Security representatives of NATO maritime Nations, ACO and Nato Force Structure elements as well as Cyber Centers of excellence,” said Captain Eugene. "The second conference was a great success, thanks to all. We are stronger together.”

National presentations from Belgium, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey and the United Kingdom provided insight into cyber activity and strategies across the Alliance, strengthening Allied cyber community cohesion.  In addition, industry cyber security experts including Darktrace and Bluecyforce presented external resources available to improve cyberspace situational awareness (CSA).

The annual conference is expected to continue to grow, bringing more advocates into the group to advance and operationalize the Alliance’s cyberspace capabilities.

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