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NATO Maritime Air Command under new Leadership

NORTHWOOD, United Kingdom (June 27, 2019) – In a ceremony held today at Allied Maritime Command Headquarters in North London, Rear Admiral Andreas Vettos of the Hellenic Navy passed the command of NATO Maritime Air Command (COM MARAIR) to Rear Admiral Hans-Jörg Detlefsen of the German Navy.   

Rear Admiral Andreas Vettos assumed command in June 2016. "Being part of the MARCOM and MARAIR team has been one of the greatest postings of my life. I am very grateful for being granted the opportunity to serve my country within the NATO Command Structure and to be allowed to lead the Maritime Air Directorate as your Commander. I wish you all the best for your future and I hope we will meet again, wherever that may be.”

Upon assuming command, Rear Admiral Hans-Jörg Detlefsen said, "It feels good to be back in naval aviation. I will do my very best to support the core function of NATO’s naval formations which is readiness and proficiency at all time. Especially, naval aviation can be the linking element to connect Air, Land, and Sea capabilities to the maritime domain."

COM MARAIR, one of three commander subordinates to COM MARCOM, alongside COMSUBNATO and the newly activated COMSURFNATO are empowered to lead robust maritime operations theatre-wide delivering 360 degrees of maritime focused awareness and connectivity across the entirety of SACEUR’s area of responsibility.


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