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MARCOM Hosts Maritime Enterprise Advisory Board

NORTHWOOD, United Kingdom - NATO Maritime Command (MARCOM) brought together NATO Maritime High Readiness Forces, Maritime Centres of Excellence, ACT Capability Development, the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation, and NATO Education and Training Facilities for a one-day coordination board dubbed the Maritime Enterprise Advisory Board (MEAB) at MARCOM headquarters in Northwood, United Kingdom February 20, 2019.

The MEAB is an opportunity for maritime operational commands to talk with Allied Command for Transformation training, experimentation and capability development professionals about the needs of the operational fleets across the Alliance.

Approximately 26 participants from 14 different organizations, including NMIOTC and MARSEC, attended the MEAB discussing topics ranging from ongoing NATO policy conceptual work to maritime capability development.

"Operational forces working together with Centres of Excellence is how NATO stays a leader in maritime effects,” said Vice Admiral Hervé Blejean, MARCOM Deputy Commander. "While the meeting itself is short, the connections made truly benefit NATO both now and in the future.”

MARCOM is the operational command of all NATO maritime forces. Like its land and air counterparts (LANDCOM & AIRCOM), MARCOM reports directly to NATO’s Allied Command Operations (ACO), but also works closely with Allied Command Transformation (ACT) to advocate for maritime capabilities and initiatives.

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