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Commander Submarines NATO Hosts Commander Hellenic Submarines

Northwood, UK – On 18 July, Commander Submarines NATO was honoured to host Captain Anagnostopoulos, Commander Hellenic Submarines.  Capt Anagnostopoulos received briefings on NATO Submarine initiatives, Operation Sea Guardian, and the manpower within Submarines NATO Command.  Rear Admiral Lennon expressed his sincere thanks to the Greek Navy for their submarine contributions to  Mediterranean Sea operations as well as their commitment to sending talented Naval Officers to staff within COMSUBNATO.

NATO Maritime Command (MARCOM) has been transformed over the recent years. MARCOM has significantly expanded its command, coordination and advisory roles, delivering Allied National Navies value in return for their investment in NATO. Recognized as the central hub for NATO maritime operations, engagement with Allies and partners plays an important role for all MARCOM entities including Submarines NATO Command. Submarines NATO Command’s primary responsibilities are multinational submarine safety, operational tasking of submarines assigned to the Alliance, planning and execution of NATO’s premier ASW exercises Dynamic Manta and Dynamic Mongoose as well as submarine rescue exercise Dynamic Monarch.

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