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The Maritime is Critical to Allied Nations

TRONDHEIM, Norway - NATO Allies are nearly surrounded by water, that water space is critical in both peacetime for trade and in crisis for defense. The stakes of maritime security are high, and NATO is determined to help protect Allies from any threats at sea or from the sea.
In addition to the maritime's defensive and deterrence role that most people think of, another primary tasks for Allied navies is monitoring sea lanes and keeping them open and free for all nations to use. More than 85 per cent of all international trade in raw material and manufactured goods travels by sea.
In peacetime, regular, unencumbered trade is critical to the stability and prosperity of Allied nations. In times of crisis, the sea lanes are vital to both the delivery of commercial goods and materials as well as the movement of troops and equipment required to defend Allied nations. NATO's maritime assets must be ready to defend these sea lanes as well as contribute to the joint defense effort.
Exercise Trident Juncture is an excellent opportunity to hone the skills of interoperability and sharpen the tactics of working together in task groups with many ships from different Allied and Partner navies. The ships involved in Trident Juncture 2018 will enhance their flexibility and agility, practice the warfighting skills of air defense, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface ship warfare, amphibious assaults and coordination with air and land forces in a large joint scenario.
A sustained program of maritime exercises including Trident Juncture maintains the readiness of NATO maritime forces and helps to ensure that in times of crisis, NATO is prepared to deter aggression, and if called upon, be able to defend both Allied citizens and territory.

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