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OSG Special Operations Command Control Element achieves Full Operational Capability

EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN - Last week marked the Full Operational Capability for the Operation Sea Guardian (OSG) Special Operations Command Control Element (SOCCE).

On 20 September, under MARCOM guidance and SOCCE control, an opposed live boarding exercise commenced with the participation of Turkish Navy Special Operational Forces, OSG assigned Turkish frigate Gemlik and the Turkish oiler Akar simulating a suspicious vessel suspected to be involved in illegal activities related to terrorism.

In this exercise, a Special Operation Forces (SOF) team infiltrated to boarded and took over control of the suspicious vessel took over control of the vessel, inspected documentation , searched the cargo and localized and secured two (simulated) known active terrorist on board. With the exercise the newly established SOCCE command control functions were fully utilized.

SOCCE offered by Turkish Navy, consist of multinational staff and has the mission to conduct Maritime Special Operations in the Mediterranean Sea in support of HQ MARCOM within the mandate of OSG. While conducting special operations, SOCCE has the capacity to take will take command of assigned special forces. Furthermore, SOCCE will provide MARCOM the awareness of relevant SOF engagements with partner nations to enable MARCOM to tailor the engagements with these partners.

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