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NATO Ships Visit Dundee

DUNDEE, United Kingdom - Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group One (SNMCMG1) under command of Commander Peter Ramboer of the Belgian Navy arrived in Dundee, on February 2, 2018.

The group is conducting a routine port visit to Dundee as part of their annual schedule of operations. Planned activities include courtesy calls with local authorities and preparations for the next phase of the deployment. The visit is a visible demonstration of NATO’s continuous presence to ensure national sovereignty through collective defense.

"The last couple of days we have been grateful for the shelter of the Scottish east coast. The sight of the snowy Highlands from the sea is just magnificent,” said Commander Ramboer. "We are happy to pull in to Dundee and tell our stories to the local population. We work hard at sea to protect the welfare of our society. We are looking forward to some days of rest in this beautiful town.”

Prior to the visit to Dundee, the group conducted operational training at sea and a port visit to Hull.

SNMCMG1 currently consists of flagship HNLMS Mercuur and Royal Navy mine hunter HMS Cattistock. Later in the year, the group is expected to include ships or mission modules from Germany, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Lithuania and Latvia. 

The group is one of four groups of ships which make up the maritime portion of the NATO Reaction Force and provide a crucial skillsets to keep sea lanes and ports open in times of crisis. In peacetime, SNMCMG1 takes part in different multinational exercises and trains with NATO members and partners to enhance interoperability and maintain warfighting skills.

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