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NATO Naval Force exercises with the Polish Navy in the Baltic Sea

BALTIC SEA - Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) is conducting several days of naval exercises with the Polish Navy in the Baltic Sea this week. SNMG1 routinely patrols in the Baltic Sea providing regular opportunities to enhance interoperability among Allies.
Since January, SNMG1 has trained with a number of allied counterparts in the Baltic Region, including Poland, Germany, Lithuania, and Latvia and now Poland has organised a second Passing Exercise.
"The SNMG1 units, my staff and I are looking forward to participating in this training opportunity. The Polish Navy has pulled out a lot of resources to set up a complex scenario and are providing surface and air forces,” said Commodore Søren Thinggaard Larsen, Commander of SNMG1.
The exercise will include a number of basic and advanced maritime operations, from facing asymmetrical threats to warfare against surface ships, helicopters and fighter aircraft, as well as performing a simulated joint search and rescue operation.
"With both European ships as well as a Canadian frigate, the presence of SNMG1 in the Baltic is a tangible sign of the transatlantic ties in NATO. Every exercise we conduct with the regional allies enhances our ability to work together across nations. In NATO we are ready, as one, and we are stronger together,” said Commodore Larsen.
SNMG1 currently consists of ships from Denmark, Canada, and Germany. The Polish 3rd Ship Flotilla out of Gdynia is sending two air-defence frigates, two corvettes, an anti-submarine corvette, a fast attack craft, a tanker and auxiliary vessels. Air patrols will be provided by the An-28 B1R patrol reconnaissance aircraft, Kaman SH-2G on-board helicopter and the W-3 WARM rescue helicopter from the Naval Aviation Brigade. Further participants are Su-22, MIG-29 and F-16 aircraft from the Polish Air Force.

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