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New crew of SNMCMG2 conduct first port visit

CAGLIARI, Italy - The crew of the Polish flagship, ORP Kontradmiral Xawery Czernicki (511), are concluding their first port visit in Cagliari since joining Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group Two (SNMCMG2).
The flagship arrived in Cagliari on Saturday, after completing a 10-day transit from Portsmouth, England. The stormy weather and high seas of the Biscay Bay and western Mediterranean Sea during the transit has already tested the seamanship skills of the Czernicki crew.

While in Cagliari, SNMCMG2 Commander Aleksander Urbanowicz visited Rear Admiral C. A. Francesco Sollittoin Cagliari Military Base Commander (MARISUPLOG) to discuss SNMCMG2’s forthcoming mission in the Mediterranean.

The visit also provided the crew the opportunity to replenish supplies for the ship and take in the cultural sites of the port city. Czernicki will soon be joined with more allied ships, as the Group ramps up its deployment.

Commander Urbanowicz assumed command of SNMCMG2 on Jan. 17, while Czernicki became the new flagship for the group.

SNMCMG2 is a multinational integrated force that projects a constant and visible reminder of NATO’s solidarity and cohesion afloat in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. The Standing NATO Maritime Groups provide NATO with a continuous maritime capability for operations and other activities in peacetime and in periods of crisis and conflict. They also help to establish Alliance presence, conduct routine diplomatic visits to different countries, support transformation and provide a variety of military maritime capabilities to ongoing missions.

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