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NATO units participate in Italian Exercise MARE APERTO

CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN SEA – Standing NATO Maritime Group 2, Task Unit 02 (SNMG2 TU02) and Standing NATO Maritime Countermeasures Group 2 (SNMCMG2) ships are participating in the Italian-led multinational integrated exercise MARE APERTO 2017 designed to enhance flexibility and interoperability.

MARE APERTO 2017 is an Italian Joint, Combined, maritime-focused exercise conducted on the open sea and in shallow waters, using a scenario designed to enhance training across platforms and services.

Training in multiple warfare specialty areas will be conducted including anti-air, anti-submarine and anti-surface ship scenarios. The exercise is also designed to allow participants to work together to manage crisis situations facing threats from both conventional and asymmetric threats. 

Under the command of Captain Rubén Rodríguez Peña (Spanish Navy), SNMG2 TU02 is currently comprised of the Spanish air defense frigate ESPS Blas de Lezo (ESP) and Canadian multi-role patrol frigate HMCS St John’s (CAN). SNMCMG2, led by Commander Aleksander Urbanowicz  (POL Navy), is composed of the flagship ORP Czernicki (POL), minehunters ESPS Tajo (ESP), TCG Erderk (TUR) and ITS Alghero (ITA).

Photo credit to the Italian Navy.

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