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HMS Ocean takes up role as SNMG2 Flagship

SOUDA BAY, Greece – On Sunday the 29th of October, HMS Ocean assumed the SNMG2 Flagship role from HMS Diamond, whilst alongside in Souda Bay, Crete.

HMS Ocean had been expecting to take up the SNMG2 Flagship role in September, but was re-tasked to enable her participation in Operation Ruman; the UK Department for International Development (DfID) led humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operation in the Caribbean.

Over the coming months SNMG2 will participate in a number of multi-national exercises to develop greater interoperability between the naval forces of NATO members. HMS Ocean is a large and highly capable amphibious ship, this will enable her to make a significant contribution to the exercise programme. She will host Royal Marines from 40 Commando, US Marines and naval aviation from 820, 845 and 847 Naval Air Squadrons based in the UK. 

The Commanding Officer of HMS Ocean, Captain Robert Pedre, said: "My Ship’s Company are proud to have assumed the role of SNMG2 Flagship.  HMS OCEAN is an incredibly capable amphibious and command platform and represents a significant UK contribution to NATO’s efforts to maintain security in the Mediterranean region”.

SNMG2 fulfils a vital contingency role in the Mediterranean region; it can never be predicted what events or emerging threats may arise but the Task Group would be the first on call and ready to respond.  The Task Group is able to operate as a combined, effective NATO force.

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