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Standing NATO Maritime Group One Visits Trondheim in preparation for exercise COLD RESPONSE 16

TRONDHEIM, Norway – This afternoon the five ships of Standing NATO Maritime Group ONE (SNMG1), under the leadership of Spanish Navy Rear Admiral José Enrique Delgado, arrived in Trondheim for a routine port visit, after concluding a pre-training phase with other NATO ships involved in exercise COLD RESPONSE 16.

SNMG1 is currently composed of the Spanish flagship F100 class frigate ESPS ÁLVARO de BAZÁN (F101), the United Kingdom Type 23 Frigate HMS IRON DUKE (F234), the Spanish Combat Replenishment Ship ESPS CANTABRIA (A15) and the Norwegian Coastal Corvettes Skjold-class HNoMs STORM (P961) and HNoMs STEIL (P963).

SNMG1‘s visit to Trondheim is part of the Group‘s programmed deployment to the North and Baltic Seas and will be followed by the Group´s participation in exercise COLD RESPONSE 16 which will take place, at the beginning of next March, off the coast of Norway.

"SNMG1 just completed one more week of training off the Norwegian coast, to make sure we are ready to provide NATO with a continuous presence and maritime capability for operations." said Rear Admiral Delgado. "I´m looking forward to increasing SNMG1 readiness and proficiency by our participation in exercise COLD RESPONSE 16 where our Task Group capabilities will be upgraded with the addition of allied units from Denmark and France”.

Those ships of SNMG1, berthed in open to public jetties, will be open and welcome visitors aboard on February 27th and 28th from 10:00 to 12:00 AM. 

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