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Standing NATO Maritime Group ONE Visits London

LONDON – Today Standing NATO Maritime Group ONE (SNMG1), under the command of Spanish Rear Admiral Jose Delgado, arrived in London for a scheduled port visit, during their deployment to the North and Baltic Seas to enhance maritime security and to contribute to international stability.   

SNMG1’s visit to London precedes the Group’s participation in an extensive training plan, which includes participation in several NATO and nationally-led exercises at sea.

SNMG1’s flagship, the Spanish F100 class frigate ESPS ALVARO de BAZAN (F101), the Type 23 Frigate HMS IRON DUKE (F234) and the Spanish Fleet Replenishment Ship ESPS CANTABRIA (A15) are in port at the Royal Docks, London.

In conjunction with the visit, Vice Admiral Clive Johnstone CB CBE, Commander Allied Maritime Command and Rear Admiral Delgado will participate in a round-table discussion at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), regarding the importance of NATO in the maritime domain.

"The visit of SNMG1 to London is an important event at a trying time.  Russian maritime activity, shrouded as it is with uncertain ambition and unclear motives, demands a steady yet determined response.”, said Vice Admiral Clive Johnstone. "The UK, along with other Nations of the NATO Alliance, rely on its Standing Naval Task Groups to be the agile response to reinforce security, international rules and the Law of the Sea.  This task group, led by Rear Admiral Delgado, is a proud representation of these standing forces and I take great pride in welcoming them to London.”

Rear Admiral Delgado assumed the command of the Group December 18 in a ceremony held in Cartagena.

"The past days of intensive training have brought the Force to a smooth and effective integration,” said Rear Admiral Delgado. "Our main goal is to deepen our capabilities, maintaining a high level of operational readiness and cohesion. Features to provide NATO with a permanent maritime capability ready to operate wherever we are called upon by the Alliance. It is a privilege calling into London for our first port visit as a group, not only for what this impressive city can offer to our crews, in terms of culture and leisure but for the honour of flying the NATO Flag in this most relevant city."

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