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Standing NATO Maritime Group One Visits Bergen

BERGEN – Today Standing NATO Maritime Group ONE (SNMG1), under the command of Spanish Rear Admiral José Enrique Delgado, arrived in Bergen for a scheduled port visit during their deployment to the North and Baltic Seas, as well as to assist to the Pre-sail Conference about Exercise Dynamic Guard.

SNMG1’s visit to Bergen follows the Group’s participation in three days passage exercise (PASSEX) with Royal Dutch Navy.

SNMG1 is currently composed of the Spanish flagship F100 class frigate ESPS ÁLVARO de BAZÁN (F101), the United Kingdom Type 23 Frigate HMS IRON DUKE (F234) and the Spanish Combat Replenishment Ship ESPS CANTABRIA (A15). During port visit to Bergen two ships from the Royal Norwegian Navy, HNoMs STORM (P961) and HNoMs STEIL (P963), will join SNMG1 and make final preparations for deployment.

SNMG1 is focused on the preparations for the upcoming serialised Electronic Warfare exercise DYNAMIC GUARD-1, while also participating in meetings with Royal Norwegian Navy military leaders.

"After a few days of a very productive training at sea with some allied naval units, our crews will have the chance to know the historical city of Bergen, a symbol of Norwegian heritage, which I´m sure they will widely enjoy,” said Rear Admiral Delgado. "This port visit to Bergen will allow SNMG1 units to coordinate upcoming exercises and be well prepared to maximize the outcome of the following training opportunities during DYNAMIC GUARD exercise."

The ships of SNMG1, ESPS Álvaro de Bazán, HMS Iron Duke and ESPS Cantabria will be open and welcome visitors aboard on February 13th and 14th from 10:00 to 12:00 AM. 

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