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SNMG2 increases again size of the force

MEDITERRANEAN SEA – Last week, Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 conducted an exercise with the Turkish Navy including tactical flight operations and anti-submarine warfare training and then went to Souda, Greece, where the Greek frigate SALAMIS joined the force. COM SNMG2 Rear Admiral Jörg Klein visited the Commander of the NATO Maritime Interdiction Training Center (NMIOTC), the Commander of NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI) and the Mayor of Chania while the ships were berthed in port.

Before the departure RAdm Klein left FGS BONN and went over to HS SALAMIS to learn about her capabilities and her crew’s honourship and motivation. The return at sea to his flagship while transiting to the regular patrol areas of the force in the eastern Mediterranean Sea was combined with flight exercises (FLYEX) of the organic helicopters of HS SALAMIS and TCG BARBAROS.

After these serials SNMG2 set sail back to the north of Crete to reassemble with ITS LIBECCIO, which has been detached from the force before entering Aksaz for replenishing in an Italian port.

Facing already new tasks in the Aegean Sea area, the ships conducted a replenishment at sea maneuver and several exercises to be prepared for upcoming assignments.    

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