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SNMG1 Enhances NATO Anti-Submarine Warfare skills

SNMG1 Enhances NATO Anti-Submarine Warfare skills

At sea, – NATO’s Anti-submarine Warfare Exercise DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 2016 (DMON 16) concluded June 30 off the coast of Norway, with ships, submarines, aircraft and personnel from  Allied nations completing an ambitious anti-submarine warfare training program.

Submarines under operational control of NATO Submarine Command (COMSUBNATO) joined surface ships under Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) and maritime patrol aircraft under NATO Maritime Air Command control in a simulated multi-threat environment.

The aim of this exercise is to provide all participants with complex and challenging warfare training to enhance their interoperability and proficiency in anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare skills.

SNMG1 commander, RADM Jose E. Delgado (ESP N) expressed how this exercise contributed to improve Allied interoperability and warfare capabilities. "DYNAMIC MONGOOSE has provided the opportunity to enhance NATO Anti-Submarine Warfare skills, practicing in a realistic and well planned scenario” said RADM Delgado. "This quality exercise, conducted in a challenging oceanographic environment, with very professional aircrews and excellent submarine playmates has undoubtedly increased SNMG1 and Allies Subsurface Warfare skills”

Exercise DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 2016 was also supported by an In-Stride Debriefing Team (IDT). The team - led by MARCOM's NEAC division - who reconstructed and analyzed the warfare events and to provide near real time debriefs to ships, submarines and aircrews. It allowed crews to accelerate their Lessons Learned processes, make adjustments, improve performance, and boost the anti-submarine warfare readiness. The IDT is composed of ASW experts from the nations, supported by NATO's CIS Agency, and performed its mission from Oerland Air Base, working side-by-side with the maritime patrol aircraft and the NATO Maritime Air Command staff.

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