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NATO units conduct at sea training manoeuvres in the Eastern Med

EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN – The Danish Navy command and support ship HDMS ABSALON, commanded by Commander Per Moll Petersen, hosted Commander Santiago de Colsa Trueba, commanding officer of the Spanish naval oiler ESPS CANTABRIA, and a few of his crew aboard ABSALON last week to discuss activities and operational capabilities of their respective ships.

Both ships are currently deployed in support of NATO Standing Maritime Group 2 Task Unit 02 (SNMG2 TU02), conducting routine maritime situational awareness training to further enhance and develop operational integration between these ships.

"The cooperation already executed and the discussions further enhances the overall arc of NATO interoperability, willingness and capability to operate in the region,” said Commander Per Moll Peterson.

The ships have conducted several routine training exercises and live operations during their deployments including a replenishment-at-sea, a manoeuvre known as a RAS. This well known, but highly critical, naval manoeuvre is vital for ensuring long-lasting presence in an operation area without the need to replenish fuel in port.

ESPS CANTABRIA is designed as a logistical vessel with the capability to deliver fuel while underway, so HDMS ABSALON has its’ own floating "gas station” constantly nearby. During a RAS, the ships operate the manoeuvre within 45 meters of each other.

Additionally, the ships participated in cross deck operations in which they alternated between transferring and receiving each other’s helicopters. This enabled the crews to train and become familiarized with Lynx and Sikorsky helicopters.

The time and effort dedicated by the crews during training and operations provides the small force with a robust ability to perform the tasks directed by Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM).

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