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French and Dutch ships join NATOs deployment in the Aegean

French and Dutch ships join NATO’s deployment in the Aegean

AEGEAN SEA – This week French ship FS COMMANDANT BOUAN and Dutch ship HNLMS VAN AMSTEL were assigned to Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2).
SNMG2 is conducting reconnaissance and monitoring activities in the Aegean Sea in support of Allies Turkey and Greece, and European Union border agency FRONTEX’s cooperative efforts to tackle human trafficking and criminal networks.

COMMANDANT BOUAN is a patrol ship capable of conducting maritime surveillance and rescue operations. She is more than 260 feet in length and is equipped with a number of radars, and a crew of more than 80 personnel.

The frigate VAN AMSTEL is 400 feet in length also equipped with air and surface search radars and a crew of approximately 150.
"I am glad to have new units added to my multinational force. We will bring the joining ships onto task as quickly as possible to support the local authorities and FRONTEX to deal with the migrant and refugee crisis,” said Rear Admiral Jörg Klein, Commander SNMG2.

In addition to the three new additions to the group, SNMG2 also consists of the German flagship FGS BONN, the Canadian frigate HMCS FREDERICTON, the Hellenic frigate HS SALAMIS, the British landing ship dock (auxiliary) RFA MOUNTS BAY and the Turkish frigate TCG GOKOVA, which has just replaced the TCG BARBAROS.

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