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Canadian Chief of the Navy Visits NATO Maritime HQ

Allied Maritime Command Headquarters, Northwood, UK -- Vice Admiral Ron Lloyd RCN, CMM CD, Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, met with Vice Admiral Clive Johnstone RN, CB CBE, Commander of Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM Northwood) at the headquarters of NATO’s maritime forces in the United Kingdom’s Northwood Headquarters facility near London on Wednesday October 19, 2016.
The admirals, who are well known to each other, engaged in discussions on areas of mutual interest to NATO’s maritime operations and those of the Royal Canadian Navy. In addition, they  participated in briefings and senior staff discussions which highlighted the common challenges faced by their respective commands and opportunities presented to further develop the excellent long-term relationship they enjoy.
During the visit Vice-Admiral Johnstone and his staff emphasized the importance of the maritime assets provided in support of NATO’s roles and missions by the Canadian Armed Forces. 
"Time and again, the Canadian contribution to NATO operations and exercises has proven to be of great value in terms of operational capabilities and the professionalism of Canadian naval personnel and aircrew.  They bring with them not only the effective technical capabilities of their various platforms but that great Canadian esprit de corps propelled by a ‘Can Do’ attitude to their assigned tasks,” said VAdm Johnstone. "I welcome any ships, submarines and aircraft Canada can provide in support of our efforts at collective defence along, of course, with the continuing presence of Canadians amongst the members of my headquarters staff.”
Vice Admiral Lloyd, was clearly impressed by the opportunity for the interchange with the international maritime staff at MARCOM Northwood and the shared perspectives that were a result.  He especially appreciated the increased opportunities for coordinated activities between NATO and Alliance navies such as Canada’s, as represented by Canadian participation in recent Standing NATO Maritime Group operations , NATO exercises and NATO navies participation in the Canadian CUTLASS FURY exercise held off Canada’s Atlantic coast. 
He took time to meet with the Canadian contingent to relay his appreciation for their efforts as representatives of their country within the international milieu of MARCOM headquarters. " NATO’s stock in the Canadian Navy is rising and your efforts here are recognized as such. You represent Canada’s historic and continuing commitment to the Alliance at sea while serving ashore here in NATO’s naval headquarters,” said VAdm. Lloyd.

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