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7 Ways My Navy Benefits from NATO Exercise Noble Mariner

Off Coast of Scotland, – Noble Mariner 16 is a NATO exercise at sea designed to confirm the NATO Response Force 2017 Maritime Forces interoperability, evaluate their readiness and validate the capabilities of the NRF 2017 MCC by exercising NRF missions and tasks. This year, exercise Noble Mariner is combined with the Royal Navy exercise Joint Warrior and Unmanned Warrior and NATO Air Command’s Noble Arrow. By combining these exercises participants from all exercises gain greater interoperability and more capability development.

1.      Train like we fight. The likelihood of fighting a war unilaterally is far smaller than in some form of coalition. By practicing with other nations, other equipment, other personnel and training to the same NATO standards, we are better able to integrate when a real world requirement emerges.

2.      Try new tactics. One of the tenets of NATO exercises is that exercises such as this one, allow our maritime forces to practice together and adapt new tactics to strengthen the Alliance’s deterrence and defense posture and project stability beyond our borders.

3.      Collective Deterrence. Training together demonstrates our unity of purpose and resolve to assure all allies and deter possible adversaries. Exercises like Noble Mariner demonstrate we have the collective will and capability to defend our interests.

4.      Varied Platforms. With more than 10 different nations participating in the exercise, Noble Mariner offers the opportunity to work with a variety of systems and platforms.

5.      Joint Training. With Noble Mariner as a part of the UK’s Joint Warrior, all participants have the opportunity to train not only with other nations, but with other services to hone the skills that make the NATO fighting force triple threat – from the sea, air and land.

6.      Develop Trust. Working together on complex scenarios like the one provided in exercise Joint Warrior brings Allied nations together and increases trust in each other.

7.      Readiness and Responsiveness. Exercising with fellow sailors at sea is the only true way to be ready and able to respond. Participation in major, joint combined training and certification events like Noble Mariner 2016 demonstrate not only national readiness, it demonstrates NATO’s unified readiness, capability and maritime power able to respond to crisis that can affect us all.

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