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Submarine U34, COMSUBNATO Visit Tallinn, Estonia

TALLINN, Estonia – This morning the German submarine U34 joined Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG2) and Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group ONE (SNMCMG1) in Tallinn for a scheduled port visit.

The submarine will be operating in the Baltic under operational control of Commander Submarine Forces NATO (COMSUBNATO), Rear Admiral Matt Zirkle (USA N), who travelled to Tallinn to meet with the submarine and its crew.  U34, commanded by Commander (j.g.) Stephan Pfeiffer (DEU N) will conduct operations in support of SNMG2 in the Baltic Sea.

In addition to meeting with U34’s crew, Rear Admiral Zirkle will also meet with Estonian Navy officials and the U.S. Ambassador to Estonia during the visit.

"Allied submarines have a critically important role in collective defense of NATO member states, and this visit demonstrates NATO’s commitment to that defense,” said Rear Admiral Zirkle.      "Submarines such as U34 perform a variety of missions, from anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, to support of special operations forces (SOF) to intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).  I am happy to be able to meet with the crew and discuss their upcoming operations, as well as to meet with my Estonian Navy colleagues during our visit to this beautiful city.” 

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