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Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO visits ROTA Naval Base

ROTA, Spain – Today SNMG2 entered ROTA Naval Base at the western coast of Spain. Here, the force will prepare for the NATO exercise DYNAMIC GUARD, which will be conducted in the Gulf of Cadiz.

Three days ago, four ships of SNMG2 set sails in Tunis and conducted a passing exercise with the Tunisian fast patrol boat LA GALITÉ. Afterwards, while transiting through the western Mediterranean and the Straits of Gibraltar, the units of the naval force continued their activities under mandate of Operation ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR. This includes maritime security operations to monitor shipping lanes and suspicious vessels.

This morning, the units of Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 arrived at their berthing places in ROTA Naval Base. The Spanish combat support ship CANTABRIA and the Spanish frigate SANTA MARIA will leave the force. During the next at-sea period the remaining SNMG2 vessels German frigate HAMBURG and Turkish frigate YILDIRIM will participate in the NATO-exercise DYNAMIC GUARD together with the Spanish frigates ESPS CANARIAS and ESPS ALVARO de BAZAN. The former SNMG2 unit ESPS CANTABRIA will also take part under national flag.

The combined task group composed of five ships will train Anti-Ship Missile Defence combined with Electronic Warfare e.g. by radar and communication interfering transmitters. In addition to the maritime components, a NATO aircraft will contribute and represents the air component.

The planning for this exercise started several weeks ago and the last coordination of the upcoming events during DYNAMIC GUARD will take place in ROTA. Delegations of all participating units as well as representatives of NATO will come together in a Pre-Sail Conference and finalize the planning.

Prior to setting sails also the ships themselves have to prepare for the following days at sea. Therefore supply goods such as food products, beverages, technical equipment and spare parts have to be stored, maintenance work has to be done and personnel will exchange. The crews will use the free time in port to discover the region and get in contact with the local culture and community.

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