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Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO finishes Exercise DYNAMIC GUARD

ROTA, Spain – Last week, Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG2) participated in the air defense and electronic warfare exercise DYNAMIC GUARD. After several weeks of planning, ships from Germany, Spain and Turkey set sail to conduct a demanding program in the Gulf of Cadiz at the Spanish Atlantic Coast.

Accompanied by the Spanish ships ESPS CANARIAS, ESPS CANTABRIA and ESPS ALVARO de BAZAN, SNMG2 units frigate FGS HAMBURG and frigate TCG YLDIRIM entered the port of Rota Naval Base September 04, concluding four days of intensive training with a final event in port. In the evening after berthing of all units, all players of this exercise met again at Spanish Fleet Headquarters to discuss and evaluate the exercise.

"The aim of the planning process for DYNAMIC GUARD was to develop a balanced serial program with exercises enabling a consecutive training process with rising complexity. The participating units did a great job, and I really enjoyed both the dedication and the professional skills all of you have shown,” said the Commander SNMG2 Rear Admiral Jörg Klein. "Thanks to the outstanding support provided by the team of Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (JEWCS) and the aircrew of the DA-20 aircraft. The last days at sea have been a success.”

Every day during DYNAMIC GUARD, anti-ship missile defence exercises combined with Electronic warfare were conducted, where the ships were put under simulated attacks by radar and communications jamming systems installed and operated by a JEWCS Team on ESPS CANTABRIA and on the DA 20.

At the end of the common at-sea phase, all participating ships conducted a formation "sail past,” followed by a coordinated return to ROTA Naval Base. 

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