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Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO exercises with the Turkish Navy

Souda, Greece – This week Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG2) trained and practiced with the Turkish Navy in the East Mediterranean.

After the participation in NATO’s Exercise Trident Juncture 2015, SNMG2 made her transit to Aksaz Naval Base in Turkey. Following their arrival, the delegations of the group units participated in ashore training complemented by at-sea exercises with the Turkish Navy.

Accompanied by the Turkish frigates TCG GÖKCEADA and TCG GAZIANTEP, the ships of SNMG2, FGS HAMBURG and TCG YAVUZ set sails again during two days off the Turkish coast. The units conducted an exercise scenario with varying threats calling their operational skills to higher standards. Interoperability and cooperation are key tools for different navies to operate together.

Transiting through a fictitious mine cleared channel, steering formation manoeuvres and conducting an air defence exercise were these crews could perform countering simulated air attacks from two Turkish F-4 Phantom and two F-16 Falcon fighter aircraft. The anti-submarine warfare was also performed, with all ships practicing tracking and attacking procedures with a Turkish submarine, supported by a Turkish maritime patrol aircraft.

"After the exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2015, which took place in the Atlantic Ocean and Western Mediterranean, we have continued with our training. These crews have being submitted to demanding scenarios and are able to share now their experiences with other crews. Cooperation is a nice word however we take it seriously with our navies”. Said Rear Admiral Klein, commander of SNMG2. After a few days of rest for the crews, SNMG2 left Turkey towards the Greek island of Crete where the ships have pulled into the port of Souda Naval Base, Greece to continue their training plan.

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