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Standing NATO Maritime Group One Visits Romania ahead of SEA SHIELD

CONSTANTA, Romania - Today, ships assigned to Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) have arrived in Constanta for a scheduled port visit, ahead of their participation in the Romanian Navy-led Exercise SEA SHIELD 2015, during the Group’s deployment to the Black Sea.

Led by Rear Admiral Alberto Correia (Portuguese Navy), SNMG1 is currently composed of the flagship NRP D. FRANCISCO DE ALMEIDA (F 334 - Portugal), HNLMS TROMP (F 803 - Netherlands) and ROS REGELE FERDINAND (F 221 - Romania).

This port visit follows participating in the Bulgarian Navy-led Exercise BREEZE by both SNMG1 and Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group TWO (SNMCMG2), operating in conjunction with ships from the Bulgarian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek and U.S. navies. While in Varna, Rear Admiral Correia met with Allied Maritime Command’s Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral Giorgio Lazio, and the Chief of the Bulgarian Navy, Rear Admiral Mitko Petev, to discuss highlights of the exercise and lessons identified through the training received.   

RADM Silvestre Correia recieving a gift from RADM Gigi Cristinel Uce and CDRE Iordache"It is my first time in the Black Sea region, and I’m very impressed with the preparations made to receive SNMG1 in Varna, as well as the outstanding job of the Bulgarian Navy in developing Exercise BREEZE,” said Rear Admiral Correia.  "This good impression carried on into the execution of the sea phase of the exercise, where I felt a good interaction, strong commitment, cooperation and cohesion among all units involved. On behalf of my crews, I also would like to say that we were very well received, in a welcoming environment, and we experienced a very good time in Varna.”

During the Constanta port visit, SNMG1 leadership will meet with Romanian local civilian and military authorities. These visits will build upon the discussions held between Rear Admiral Lazio and Romanian Chief of Defence Lieutenant General Nicolae Ciuca and Chief of Navy Rear Admiral Alexandru Mirsu in Bucharest earlier this week.

RADM Silvestre Correia (SNMG1 Commander) with Mr. Constantin ION, Governor of Constanta Photo by CPO J.PARRACHO"Now we are ready to participate in Exercise SEA SHIELD led by the Romanian Navy,” said Rear Admiral Correia. "I’m sure this exercise will offer an outstanding opportunity to further enhance our skills with Allied nations in the Black Sea, as well as other partners, such as the Ukrainian Navy. I’m looking forward to our time in Constanta and the surrounding area and, afterwards, to getting back underway with these very capable units, engaged in the well-planned and demanding Exercise SEA SHIELD.”

SNMG1 is in the Black Sea as part of a regular deployments by NATO units to the region, and to assure Allies of NATO’s commitment to collective defence.

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