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SNMG2 Visits Split

SPLIT, Croatia – NATO ships assigned to Standing Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) arrived today in Split for a scheduled port visit during the Group’s deployment to the Mediterranean to enhance maritime security and readiness, and in support of NATO counter-terrorism Operation Active Endeavour.

Led by Rear Adm. Brad Williamson (USA N), SNMG2 is currently composed of the flagship USS Vicksburg (CG 69), leading HMCS Fredericton (FFH 337), TCG Turgutreis (F 241), FGS Spessart (A 1442), ITS Aliseo (F 574), FS Marne (A 630), ESPS Patino (A 14) and ESPS Canarias (F 86).

Since Williamson assumed command of SNMG2 in July, the Group has deployed to the North American coast, conducting multiple exercises there, and returned to the Mediterranean Sea; contributing to maritime situational awareness and conducting counter-terrorism operations.

Seizing the opportunity offered by the port visit, SNMG2 leadership will meet with Croatian Navy leaders to discuss upcoming maritime exercises, as well as host local and military authorities for official functions, strengthening bonds within the Alliance and providing assurance to the host nation of Alliance solidarity and commitment to collective defence.

During the port visit, the Group will have the opportunity to experience the rich history of the surrounding area before returning to the Mediterranean to participate in a series of exercises with the Croatian Navy.

"We are very happy to have the opportunity for this Standing NATO Maritime Group to visit Croatia and engage with our hosts,” said Williamson. "These exercises with our Croatian Allies provide a unique opportunity for naval forces from eight Allied nations to share operational knowledge and enhance our interoperability. Exercises like this allow us to combine our Allied maritime forces to respond quickly should the need arise.”

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