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Portugal Takes Command of Standing NATO Maritime Group 1

LISBON, Portugal – Rear Admiral (PRT Navy) Alberto Manuel Silvestre Correia took command of Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1)  this  afternoon, during a ceremony on board the new SNMG1 flagship NRP D. FRANCISCO de ALMEIDA, which was presided by Vice Admiral Peter Hudson (UK Navy), Commander of NATO’s Allied Maritime Command.

While berthed in Lisbon, SNMG1 Staff and crews of the frigates NRP D. FRANCISCO de ALMEIDA and HNLMS TROMP witnessed the event with Portuguese military and civilian authorities.

"NATO Maritime Forces are a clear sign of capability and readiness,” said Rear Admiral Silvestre Correia. "I feel honored to be given this responsibility and am determined to lead Task Force 410 to the high level standards expected from a force of this nature”.

During Rear Admiral Silvestre Correia’s tenure, SNMG1 is schedule to participate in Operation ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR, NATO’s counter-terrorism operation in the Mediterranean. The Group will also performed intensive training in the Black Sea, and will participate in several NATO Exercises including TRIDENT JUNCTURE 15, to train and test the NATO Response Force. The Group is schedule to visit 14 different ports during its deployment.

"I believe we will maintain a high state of readiness and capability to conduct Maritime full range of missions," said Rear Admiral Correia. "In accordance with the Assurance Measures established by NATO, we will strengthen the Standing Naval Maritime Forces in order to support maritime situational awareness, to conduct the full spectrum of conventional maritime operations and to show NATO commitment, thus ensuring that the Alliance remains strong, ready, robust, and responsive, capable of meeting current and future challenges from wherever they may arise.”

In addition to NRP D FRANCISCO DE ALMEIDA and HNLMS TROMP, additional units will join SNMG1 in the near future.

"In a diffuse period with several security challenges threatening the integrity and security of the Alliance – the immediate response forces are the first point of call," said Vice Admiral Hudson, addressing the new SNMG1 Commander.  "They need to be trained and ready to respond in a timely manner and that includes this Standing Maritime Group. You are willing to take this task along with your Staff, and NATO places much responsibility on your command, knowing that you will give the best of yourself, with unselfish spirit.  Good luck to the entire Group in your endeavors, whatever they may be.”

SNMG1 is one of the NATO’s four Standing Naval Maritime Groups, multinational integrated forces that project a constant and visible reminder of the Alliance’s solidarity and cohesion on the world’s seaways. This Force provides NATO a continuous maritime capability for operations and other activities in peacetime and periods of crisis and conflicts. An immediate maritime response to an emerging crisis or maritime operational requirement may be provided by the Standing Naval Force (SNF) under the command of the Allied Maritime Command, based in Northwood, UK.

Vice Admiral Peter Hudson speech during SNMG1 handover ceremony.

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