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NATO Submarine Commanders Conference Held in Spain

CARTAGENA, Spain – Last week, Commander Submarine Forces NATO (COMSUBNATO) led the 2015 NATO Submarine Commanders Conference to discuss issues of importance to NATO’s thirteen submarine operating nations.   

Attendees of the two-day conference included leaders and force commanders of submarine operating nations in NATO.  During the conference, COMSUBNATO provided an update on submarine operations and exercises within the Alliance, as well as undersea warfare doctrine, submarine participation in assurance measures for Allies, and an update on the certification of the International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office (ISMERLO) in Northwood as having achieved full operational capability (FOC).  

The conference also featured national update briefings from submarine-operating Allies, and a session on future expectations and challenges for Allied submarine operations.

"The power of the Alliance includes our ability to share ideas in order to improve, and this conference reaffirms Allied submariners’ commitment to operate safely and contribute to the NATO mission,” said Rear Admiral Matt Zirkle, COMSUBNATO.  "I offer my thanks to Spain for hosting, and my congratulations on their 100th anniversary of operating submarines.”

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