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HDMS ABSALON meets with local Somali authorities

SOMALI BASIN – Danish ship HDMS ABSALON’s crew have focused recently on opening dialogue with local Somali authorities through meetings aboard the vessel off the Somali coast.

ABSALON’s Commanding Officer, Commander Per Moll Petersen, twice welcomed Somali leaders from the town of Hobyo aboard for discussions on the situation ashore and the importance of continuing efforts at sea to reduce the threat of any resurgence in piracy activity.  

Continued naval presence in the area has contributed to the significant reduction in piracy activity, with the last recorded attempt occurring in January 2014. Dialog between the naval forces at sea and local Somali authorities in the vicinity of former pirate hubs is vital to keeping the piracy threat low.

The two visits on board ABSALON have provided positive clues for future cooperation between NATO naval forces and Somali authorities ashore. The visits also help to build trust between both parties.  ABSALON’s crew continue to work toward future meetings with Somali local or regional authorities.  

HDMS ABSALON’s support to NATO Task Force 508 in the Somali Basin demonstrates NATO’s and Danish Government’s commitment to securing the important waterway for maritime commerce.

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