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Danish Navy vessel engages in dialog and conducts medical outreach at sea

SOMALI BASIN – Monday the Danish Navy ship HDMS ABSALON met at sea with local leaders and conducted medical outreach with the citizens of the coastal town of Hobyo, within the framework of NATO’s counter-piracy Operation OCEAN SHIELD.

The overall focus of the meeting was to build stronger relations between Somalia and NATO, and provide fertile ground for a pirate free ocean off the coast of Somalia. The meeting was also set up to pave the way for a future meetings with local officials.  Several subjects were discussed at the meeting, to include maritime security, education, piracy, health issues and future cooperation between NATO and the people of Hobyo.

Piracy off the coast of Somalia is presently at a very low point. As expressed by several delegates, the presence of NATO and other international forces in Somali waters is attributed to the decline of piracy in the area.

The meeting was held in HDMS ABSALON’s helicopter hangar, and the medical staff onboard also contributed advice about WHO recommended clean water solar systems and procedures in connection with the building of sanitary facilities that cut down on the spread of disease.

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