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Measures to Minimise risks in the workplace

The COVID-19 outbreak represents a volatile situation and MARCOM is closely monitoring how it evolves, adapting these measures according with new circumstances.  Our staff, military and civilian are to adhere to these measures which ultimately intends to protect our staff and their families.

From Wednesday March 25, Staff must:
While at work, everyone is to keep the office clean. Wipe down desks, phones, keyboards, monitors and computer mouse. Do it twice daily, at arrival and prior to departure.

From Tuesday March 24, Staff must:
Everyone who has finished his period of Self Isolation (for any reason), before returning to the Headquarters must ask permission from the MEDAD.
For any question or doubt, feel free to contact with Medical Advisor, Captain Filippo La Rosa, email F.LAROSA@MC.NATO.INT, office tel. 0044 01923 956704, mobile tel. 00447884001564

From Monday March 16, Staff must:

  • implement self-help cleaning routines. Sanitary wipes and products have been placed (bring your own if you can) at every desk to wipe phones, keyboards, desktops, etc.
  • minimise meetings.
  • implement whenever possible 'smart work' from home. Further Direction and Guidance will follow for each Directorate by Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS), maintaining Chief of Staff (COS) and Senior National Representatives (SNR) informed. Priority must be given to personnel at greater risk from the effects of Covid-19 or with household members in higher-risk categories.
  • split the Maritime Operations Centre (MOC) watch standing teams in support of contingency.
  • cancel all social events in the HQ included those involving families (i.e. spouses' coffee morning).
  • cancel or postpone any visits from overseas or find alternatives means (i.e. VTC). Essential travel for operational needs must be authorised by COS.
  • limit access to the MOC to essential personnel.
  • encourage no overseas travel for family members (there will be case by case exceptions).
  • at the lobby and whenever possible keep you mobile always in the some box.

We have ensured and will continue to ensure that all MARCOM personnel:

  • understand Coronavirus symptoms in themselves and others.
  • are aware of the necessity to self isolate immediately and for 14 days (from the date when the symptoms started).
  • understand what to do in all circumstances if they feel unwell or think someone else is (themselves or their families). 
  • understand that personnel have to inform the MEDAD and the chain of command if they or a member of their household, feel sick or is suspected or has been diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • recognise and respect the medical confidentiality of individuals but will be kept informed of Covid-19 developments as it relates to them. 
  • are aware that the location of the Northwood isolation unit is the Chaplaincy Vestry (in the same building of the Chapel, close the Cafeteria). This is where to go avoiding close contacts, if symptoms are developed and the individual is unfit to travel their place of residence.
  • understand basic hygienic prevention measures (ie. wash hands frequently, make use of hand sanitiser, etc).
  • understand the need to keep clear of other personnel - in all professional and social circumstances - by more than 2 meters.
  • recognise that we now have an open fire-door policy across Atlantic Building (but not the Security doors).
  • advise personnel about measures to prevent or reduce risks while using public transports.

We continue to monitor the situation. As a consequence other measures might be required. The situation will be kept under continual review and staff kept informed.

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