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Influenza Vaccine

Influenza Vaccination is of high importance this year due to the pandemic! We are making good progress toward ensuring the health of our staff during the upcoming winter season.

Those over 50 years old are eligible to receive the influenza vaccination from the Northwood Medical Centre.

Call the Help Desk ask ask to be passed to the Medical Centre and book for a time slot. Vaccinations will be given to those over 50 years old on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons beginning 10 November.

Personnel with underlying health conditions placing them at risk for severe infection or those living with at risk family members are also able to receive vaccination from the Northwood Medical Centre. You can receive the vaccination at any time. Call the Base Help Desk and ask to be passed to the Medical Centre for more information.

Everyone else is once again strongly encouraged to obtain influenza vaccination from your local pharmacy.

In case of any questions or doubts, Captain Paolo Delato (MEDAD) is available to answer.

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